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The RV + Travel Summit features
interviews with over 30+ travelers.
Want to learn more about
RV Travel? Ever Dream About
Traveling Full Time?


Be part of this FREE online event featuring 30+  RV + Travel Interviews

Carroll & Basil Melnyk

Rick & Kathy Howe

Lisa McElroy

and many more...

Learn from experienced travelers and gain invaluable insights on how to make your retirement travel plans come true. Hear their stories, tips and hints for part time to full time traveling around the country or the world.

Join us from anywhere in the world!

The 2015 RV Travel Summit:

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The RV Summit is FREE online Event.

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Experienced full time travelers, RV travelers, and travel insiders share invaluable insights on how to find the best places to stay for a week or for months, the secrets to boondocking, ways to work and travel, and many more tips!

Nat & Jodie
"Full-Time International House Sitters"
Will White & Will Klein
"SkyMed Takes You Home"
Eric Saperston
"The Journey"
Live In Wonder
David & Brenda
"Get Outside Your Bubble"
Dave & Kelly
"Finally Full-timing"
Wandering With Purpose
Kevin & Ruth
"Never Afraid To Try Something Different!"
Travel with Kevin & Ruth
Kristin & Jason
"Transition To Digital Nomadism"
Kate & Iain
"The F-word"
Tales From The Scenic Route
Rod & Amy Burkert
Have Pet, Will Travel: Tips From The Pros
Go Pet Friendly
Cherie & Chris
RV Mobile Internet
Melanie & Travis
A New Generation Of RVers
Xscapers Founders
Roger & Gail
The Blessings of Downsizing
Two Air Heads In A Cloud
John Holod
RV’ing Filmmaker Goes to Extremes
RV Adventure Videos
Dominique Nadeau
Innovative Ultra Light Caravans & Class B Motorhomes
Safari Condo
Heather Bayer
"Renting For Profit"
Cottage Blogger
David & Veronica James
Breaking The Empty Nest Rules!
Gypsy Nesters
Bonnie & Dave
Two Wanders On The Open Road
Vagabon And Dave
Laura & Kevin
"We Like To Go Places"
Mark & Joel
RV Honeymoon
RV Share
Marianne Edwards
Frugal RV Travel
Boondockers Welcome
Wayne & Pat Dunlap
Secrets Of Traveling World for Less Than Cost Of Living At Home
Author: Plan Your Escape
Shari & Hutch
Freedom in a Can
Tales from a Mid-Lifeventure
Don & Shelly Hafner
Our Dream To Visit
59 Parks In 59 Weeks!
Tom Schabarum
Airstreaming & Travelin Light
Author: Airstreaming A Novel
Janet Groene
"Living Aboard Your RV"
Book Author
Jim Sherb
Borders & Snowbirds!
Canadian Snowbird Association
Jon Gray
More Sense For Travelers Than Hotels
Ken & Carole Adams
"Understanding RV Caravaning"
Adventure Caravans
Stephen & Ellen
"Retirement In Tow"
Our Planning Story
George & Valerie Mayleben
How to Safely Handle Your Motorhome or Trailer
RV Driving School
Tim Alpe
The JUCY Champ Rental
Jucy Rentals
Mike & Marcia Neundorfer
Stepping UP to Class B!
Advanced RV

and many more...

REGISTER NOW for The 2015 RV Summit!

The RV Summit is FREE Online Event

Register here to join us on the RV Summit!

Enter your first name and email address to join our FREE Online RV Summit


Register Now for the RV Summit

The RV Summit is FREE online Event.

privacy we respect your privacy

The RV Summit takes place over 7 days and is absolutely free. You don’t want to miss it!

Let's talk about travel - with a RV or without, retired or not, small to big(ish) budgets. The RV + Travel Summit is packed with information and inspiration, our guests will share fascinating stories and you’ll get insights and practical information you can use to plan your trips right away. Our interviews include a roster of respected travelers ranging from digital nomads to travel bloggers, authors and experts, young to retired all living the dream!


What you’ll learn:

  • RV Trip Planning & Vacation Ideas

    Where will the road take you? From travel guides to vacation ideas, Alaska to the Keys learn about different styles of RV travel here or in Europe.

  • Travel Budgets and Expenses

    How much does it cost to Travel Full Time or live in Europe or a RV? Less that you think! Learn all about Affordable Travel in a RV or staying in people’s homes.

  • Boondocking & Dry Camping

    How to camp / park for FREE and what you need to do to prepare your RV for extended stays away from hook ups (water, electric, cable or sewer).

  • Healthcare & Health Insurance for RVers

    What are the important things to look for?  Handling healthcare on the road. Staying fit on the road.

  • From Teeny Weeny Trailers To Airstreams

    From repairing and restoring vintage trailers to outfitting your RV with the latest RV design and technology.

  • How To Choose A RV - Your Home On Wheels

    Class A, B+, C, Trailer? With so many RV styles and sizes how do you choose what’s right for you? Hear about new RV designs for Full Time Travel.

  • RV Mobile Internet + WIFI

    Learn about wireless (Cellular ) RV internet hotspot access and how to stay connected on the road.

  • Traveling With Your Pets

    Learn about the latest pet travel strategies to make RV pet travel easy and fun.

  • How To Go Full Time & Live the Dream

    Thinking about going full-time?  Make sure you have as much information as possible before making your decision.

  • Check Lists + Guides + Spreadsheets

    Advice for sorting through all the  emotional, financial and organizational aspects of planning your RV  travel adventures.

  • ... and much more

This Online RV Summit is for you if:

  • Want to learn about full-time RV travel and how to make the transition
  • You’re looking for practical tips for choosing the right RV for you
  • Want to learn about boondocking and a lot of other nearly free RV locations
  • Want to learn about alternative lodgings, short term rentals, and value priced vacation packages
  • You would love to work from the road while reducing your footprint and making a positive difference
  • Understanding Full Time Travelcosts and how to stay within your budget
  • Hear inspiring RV and Travel stories of those traveling and exploring
  • Get inspired to start your own RV travel adventure! and travel North America
  • Learn from world travelers - traveling full time for less than staying home
  • You love travel, nature and the outdoors and want to visit Beautiful Places!
  • Have you thought about downsizing and simplifying your life?
  • Are you "hotel people" who have never tried theRV lifestyle?
  • You are thinking of renting or purchasing a RV
  • You are researching all the RV Clubs, Associations and Memberships
  • Learn about new RV designs and creative ways to rent or own your RV

Register here to join us on the RV Summit!

Enter your first name and email address to join our FREE Online RV Summit


Register Now for the RV Summit

The RV Summit is FREE online Event.

privacy we respect your privacy

Meet Your Hosts

"Retirement in Tow" - Stephen & Ellen

Planners at heart and maybe just a bit tentative about the idea of leaving the well worn path of daily “normal” life expectations: career, marriage, mortgage, kids (non-fur and/or fur), etc. drove us to do a lot of research. A LOT OF RESEARCH!

With great curiosity, we dove in for a closer look. We started to go to RV shows and visit RV dealers, there was a lot to learn and we had a lot of questions. A LOT OF QUESTIONS!

All this curiosity led to us creating the RV + Travel Summit. We had questions and found travellers eager to share their experiences. Join us from May 5th to May 9th as we share stories of travel and adventure along with tips and lessons learned along the way.

(click on our photo to read full bio)

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