Travel with Kevin and Ruth

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Travel with Kevin and Ruth: Never Afraid To Try Something Different

Timing is everything and with Kevin and Ruth, it all started with meeting some RVers when they were just looking for something a little bit different to do with their lives.  Maybe downsizing to a condo?  Or maybe getting an RV and heading down to Mexico with their new friends was just the thing to get them on this new adventure that is now 8 years on and still going.   Kevin and Ruth travel via RV but also have a unique approach to using their RV to get to international travel points - hear how they do that!

We travel through whatever exotic location we can get to that has a decent airfare deal -last Oct we were in South Korea for a month

England, Wales, Iceland, Budapest, lots of places in the U.S., Guatemala & Mexico and the list goes on 

Our friends think it’s neat we travel lots and don’t work 40 hours a week but they still don't understand how we do it, I think

There's more,”older people”, couchsurfing - we’ve got friends from around the world from our 45 experiences

Kevin & Ruth
Kevin & Ruth Travel with Kevin and Ruth



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